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HP C7180 ink system error - How to perform system reset

How to perform system reset for a HP C7180 ink system error. Posting this up for anyone who is searching for the same answer.

With the printer on, press and hold the '*' key on the key pad, then press the '#' key and release them both. Enter '123' to enter maintenance mode. Press the right arrow to scroll to the System Configuration menu Then pressed OK to clear the error conditionOnce cleared, press cancel to return to the menu. Then powered off and back on and go to Setup -> Tools to Clean Printhead. This will clean and print a test page. 

This may work for other HP printers, not just the C7180.

Tesla Stock Bull or Bear $185.16

Tesla stock price has crashed from its peak of $383 to it's current price of $185. That is a 51.69% discount. Is it time to pick up some at a 'discount' now or is it a case of catching a falling knife?

The case to sell:

Elon Musk, in a leaked email, reportedly told employees that the company has 10 months before going broke if it didn't control its costs, hardcore. Making cars and operating massive production plants is very capital intensive and a sudden drop in demand can quickly dwindle cash reserves.

Donald Trump announced on May 5 that the US would raise tariffs on China made imports. Tesla has a super-factory in Shanghai.

Morgan Stanley revised it's Tesla doomsday price forecast to just $10.

A lot of senior people have been leaving, either retiring, starting new ventures, or taking new positions at different companies. Whatever the case, it's more attrition than what would normally be for a healthy company.

Some cars have caught on fire, and some have been …